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We love our flowers. Like we really really love them. We want them to be loved by you.

Just as we are becoming more conscience about where our food comes from, how it is grown, and the environmental and socioeconomic impact- we too are becoming more conscious about where our flowers come from and how they are grown. Most of our cut flowers in the United States come from Latin America, where labor is cheap, working conditions harsh, regulations lax and chemical usage prevalent-and that's just the growing part. After these flowers are loaded up on fungicide, dunked in vats of preservatives and jostled and manhandled for sometimes more than weeks, these odorless, uniform, sturdy flowers, with their enormous carbon footprint come to rest in our florist's hands or our homes.

We love our flowers. We love working with the rich diversity nature has to offer. The wild arrangements, or fresh-from-the-garden bouquets excite us. We love the loose and fluid way nature has of highlighting the beauty of each of her elements. We admire the fragrance, the delicate structure, the fleeting beauty, and the connection a flower can have to a season and a place and a memory. We want to slow down, and stop and smell the flowers, and hope you do too.

With much love,



Madly in love... with each other (some days) and of course in love with the flowers


All in the exquisite details of exceptional flowers


Each season has it's unique beauty


The family. All ten of us. 

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